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Best Dub Compilation: Part III

Special request, part 3 is here! Selected by Koneski.

Dub is a genre of music which grew out of reggae music in the 1960s, and is commonly considered a subgenre, though it has developed to extend beyond the scope of reggae. Music in this genre consists predominantly of instrumental remixes of existing recordings and is achieved by significantly manipulating and reshaping the recordings, usually by removing the vocals from an existing music piece, emphasizing the drum and bass parts (this stripped down track is sometimes referred to as a 'riddim'). Other techniques include dynamically adding extensive echo, reverb, panoramic delay, and occasional dubbing of vocal or instrumental snippets from the original version or other works.

Only good stuff.

DuB Reacts To " The End Of PAIDWAY T.O ... * lil boy * "

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Psydub Mix - Chillum Dub High ( 2021 )

This mix of psychedelic dub tunes includes a number of psydub heavy hitters such as Ott, Globular and Symbolico mixed in with a number of artists perhaps more well known for their work in other styles. It was a lot of fun to mix this selection together and I hope you enjoy listening to it when you have time to chill.

This was originally recorded as episode 83 of the PsyAmb mix series. See my blog links below for information regarding this mix.

Here is the full tracklist I used :

01. Globules of Joy - Espertine      
02. Ava  -  Martins Garden
03. Beyond the Sky - Dub Size
04. Polar Lights  -  Translippers
05. Ode To The Gong  -  Triptograph
06. Timeless Vibration  -  Globular
07. Little Frog  -  Kliment
08. Coursing Batch  -  Ott
09. The Divine Purpose (Divine Circus Remix)  -  Symbolico
10. Focus  -  Mist in The Maze
11. Star (Squazoid Remix)  -  Terra Nine
12. We Are (Kliment Remix)  -  Balkansky
13. This World Hell (Cult Of Youth Ambient Samara Dub Mix)  -  Killing Joke

Cover photo by Navesh Chitrakar


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